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Fab ladies brunch at #ChippsBerlin #TDWberlinbites

A pop-up party on the train? SO freakin’ BERLIN!! 

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Weekend walks exploring the other side of Berlin #TDWinBerlin #TDWberlinautumn

Gorgeously set, delicious and hot breakfast! Room service served on on a trolley that was a food warmer and folded out into a table too! More fabulous and clever design inspiration on my #NewBlogPost about our hotel room in Hamburg <link in bio> #TDWinHamburg #TDWdesigninspiration

Lamp-lust! #TDWinHamburg #DiploFinds #TDWdesigninspiration

3 DAYS LEFT to join the #POKKETMIXERgiveaway! How to win the smallest DJ Mixer in the world on the blog:

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"PHILEPS" #barok

Zegna #TDWinHamburg #DiploTravel

Lovely canal cafe #TDWinHamburg #DiploTravel

4 more days to join my #POKKETMIXERgiveaway! Head to the blog to join or add more entries <link in bio> Open worldwide!

Did you know that Hamburg has more canals than Amsterdam and Venice combined? #TDWinHamburg #DiploTravel

Loved getting lost in the many shopping alleyways in Hamburg. Isn’t this one just gorgeous? #TDWinHamburg

Opera from Malta

I love that my #POKKETMIXER in champagne matches my #DiploHome so perfectly! If you were to get one for FREE which color would you choose? More details on the blog! <link in profile>

How to wrap a gift elegantly with the humble brown paper #NewBlogPost <link in profile> #DiploDIY